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Leadership Training

RevTech Labs Capital partners with schools from across the country and organizations like Venture for America to bring in top talent for an extensive associate training program. Associates that have come through RTL Capital receive hands-on experience as business analysts and strategy associates, helping to recruit and review post-revenue fintech and insurtech companies, onboarding companies to the RTL Accelerator program, and organizing the logistics of their participation in the program. These associates are also responsible for leading ongoing reviews of business processes & developing optimization strategies, conducting meetings & presentations to share ideas and findings, performing requirements analysis, and so much more! The goal of this program is to immerse associates in the work and fully embed them into the entrepreneurial ecosystem, giving them the leadership skills necessary to scale and succeed in their career.   

Over two-thirds of the participants are from traditionally under-represented backgrounds in the venture community.  We are excited to see our leadership alumni change the face and the future of the venture world.

RTL Capital Associates

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Ben Glenney

2020 RTLC/CFV Associate

Investment & Operations Analyst at Pilatus Capital


Adrian Belvitt

2020 RTLC/CFV Associate

Venture for America Fellow

Institutional Client Services at Coinbase


Josh Siler

2020 RTLC/CFV Associate

Recruiter at Aston Carter

Denise Kootin-Sanwu

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2020 RTLC/CFV Associate

Business Transformation Manager at LinkedIn

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Anibal Granada Gonzalez

2020 RTLC/CFV Associate

Strategy & Analytics at Deloitte

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Wilson Hope

2020 RTLC/CFV Associate

Assistant Vice President at State Street

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Jamal Davis

2020 RTLC/CFV Associate

Investment Banking Associate at PJT Partners

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Marissa Linden

2020 RTLC/CFV Associate

Engagement Manager at Deloitte Consulting


Sean Chaudhry

2019 - 2020 RTLC/CFV Associate

Operations Manager at S.S Metro Enterprises


Brandon Price

2019 - 2020 RTLC/CFV Associate

Technology Partnership Development at Bank of America

Chrys Nickopolus

0 (7).jpg

2019 RTLC/CFV Associate

Co-Founder at Wishful


Mahati Sridhar

2018 - 2019 RTLC/CFV Associate

Vice President at Revolution

Interested in RTL Capital's Leadership Training Program? Let's connect!

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